As a Freelance PhotoJournalist I love covering all kinds of "local sports" and "events" here in Hawaii, especially those who should be recognized and are not. If you don't have the time to be at these games or special events, or are looking for a great photo or know of any sports or events coming up, let me help you preserve those special moments including, Weddings, 1st Birthday parties, Retirements or just a Special event.

All sports and event photos are for your enjoyment. There is "no obligation" to purchase or buy any photos. If interested in buying any photos that are on my photo gallery, in the upper right hand corner it ask, "Buy." This is where you make your selections and just follow the instructions. Your purchase helps with my airfares and the rest is from my heart of what I enjoy doing. Mahalo!

I'm also a freelance photographer for Island Sports Media, and you can check out my Pro Bowl, Hula Bowl, College and High School photos at Island Sports Media -

All purchases do assist me in transportation off island and helps me to continue my coverage of our local sports and events which I try to recognize our local talents here in Hawaii and the mainland.